Alyzabeth's 100 Wishes Quilt

Welcome to Alyzabeth's 100 Wishes Quilt site. This should be a trip since I've never made a quilt. EVER! However, one way or another we will get this quilt made! And we did!! Thank You Nana Joy!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Quilt Update December 2007

Upper right side of quilt. The center of the quilt has a square from SIL, Mia. She is a professional signer (the brown square with the sign for love) and I loved it so much, it is the center of the quilt!

Upper left side of quilt.

Center of quilt.

Right edge/side of quilt.

Lower right corner (my Mom's square has the birds: Cardinal for Missouri and Chickadee for Maine).

MIL, Joy, has about half the quilt "quilted".
All squares are sewn together (read prior post). She brought the quilt this trip for the Christmas holiday just to show us - yeah!!
The center of the quilt has sister Mia's sign language square.
It looks great!! Thank you again and again......