Alyzabeth's 100 Wishes Quilt

Welcome to Alyzabeth's 100 Wishes Quilt site. This should be a trip since I've never made a quilt. EVER! However, one way or another we will get this quilt made! And we did!! Thank You Nana Joy!!!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Christian Swap - From North Carolina

July 22, 2006
This fabric and wish is from a Christian fabric swap I participated in. I have two squares and wishes from the Cercopely Clan, one from a Red All Over fabric swap and now this one. She also decorated the envelop with a Bible verse in Chinese letters. Thank you!

From Ohio! The Rudolph's

July 20, 2006
Very beautiful fabric with a "scrapbook" quality note card and the wish is personalied just for Alyzabeth.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Family Squares - From Cousin Stephanie and Niece Christina

July 17, 2006

We were so glad to have more squares and wishes from Family.
Cousin Stephanie (DH's first cousin) and her hubby Butch sent a fabric with a country theme. They live way, way out in the wilds of rural Alabama!

The second square is from DH's niece who lives with her hubby Aaron in Las Vegas. The fabric is a nice yellow with flowers and lavender hearts. Her wish is personalized just for Lizzy. Our goal is to go visit them this October, a short weekend trip. We have not seen them in ages and have never been to Las Vegas. Should be a wonderful visit.

From Levittown, New York - The Casamassima's

July 13, 2006
Lovely old-fashioned style fabric from the Christian swap.

Fabric from Andover, MA. Thank you, Morrison's

July 12, 2006
Bright, lively fabric with white doves, hearts and crosses. From the Christian swap.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Australia!! Two Squares from Lee-Anne

July 11, 2006

Lee-Anne sent two different fabrics: The Year of the Dog and a Koalas fabric (oops - I originally wrote "panda bear"). I love them both. Thank you so much.

The Gehrke Family from Milton, Florida

July 07, 2006
Great red fabric with marbles - how fun!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Red All Over and Christian Quilt Square Swap - July 2006

Participating in a quilt square and wishes swap was so much fun. I would recommend it to anyone who would like to have a set theme and receive so many different fabrics of the same theme (usually limited to 25 participants). I joined a Yahoo group called OHGWQ and picked which swaps I wanted to do. When I began collecting I didn't know how I would ever reach 100 squares. Now I have over 120!

Thank you to the families from the "Red all Over" swap:
Hahn, Keir, Lane, Boschee, Gehrke, Humphrey, Begala-Gordon, Helms, Pie, O'Brien, Scott, Andrews, Hewgley, McMillin, Mann, Lundy, Weber and Cercopely.

Thank you to the families from the Christian swap: McCann, Jones, Dubbs, Frederickson, Erickson, Poko, Matthews, Lauzon, Cercopely,McDonald, Howatt-Gallant, Mickelson, Casamassima, Scott, Larson, Boetticher, Krauth and Morrison.

Photos coming soon (as promised last month!!).