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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Family Squares # 43 and # 44

I am so happy with all the squares received by family!!!

I do have additional friends and relatives I would really like to have send a square so I'm putting together a newsletter about the quilt and how to make a wishes card. I want to be able to go through the scrapbook and be able to talk to Lizzy about each relative and how much they loved her even before meeting her.

Each square will have special meaning for her in the future. I am so glad to be doing this for Lizzy!!

These squares are from cousin's Kuhn, living in Illinois (my cousin grew up in Maine, her brothers actually sent in squares: Stephenson and Soule!!!) and cousins' Clarke from New Hampshire/Massachusetts who live near us in the winter in St. Augustine. They sent a great ocean fabric.
Thank you!!


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