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Welcome to Alyzabeth's 100 Wishes Quilt site. This should be a trip since I've never made a quilt. EVER! However, one way or another we will get this quilt made! And we did!! Thank You Nana Joy!!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

This is a special one - From my MOM!!!

My Mom selected a great fabric for the quilt. It has cardinal birds and chickadee's too. You know why??? Maine and Missouri. Just like M and M's. These two State's are joined in history in a special way.
Maine existed as a county of Massachusetts. When Maine decided to break away from the "massholes" (ooops!!), it was policy to have a slave and a non-slave State join at the same time, equally balancing the States. DH can explain I hope.
So Missouri had to wait until Maine decided to join as the non-slave State. Maine joined first in 1820 then Missouri. Not sure why but Ford has a very natural liking and feelings toward the State of Maine.

Good thing she picked birds, as the State flowers are the white hawthorne and pine cone!! Ugly fabric!!

Back to the fabric - State birds are Cardinals and Chickadee.
Now my Mom needs to get her "wish" card done......


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